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Mark Tryon, Owner

Mark Tryon

Founder & Vice President

630-219-1997 ext 102


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Mark is an extremely hardworking, tenacious individual and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He has carried his dream of owning a business with him most of his life. His dream began by watching his father and both sets of his grandparents. One set of his grandparents owned a successful bakery in Long Island, NY after immigrating to America. His other set of grandparents ran a construction company after his grandfather returned home as a WWII hero. His father became a respected engineer over the course of his own career. Integrity and hard work were instilled in Mark at a young age through his mentors: his grandparents, parents, and older siblings.

Mark received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University. He also received his Master's of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He spent the first 12 years of his career working for 3 large engineering firms where he was exposed to a variety of business culture and engineering and construction experience. He is grateful for the opportunities and mentoring he has received along his journey to starting Structural Enginuity, Inc. As an Eagle Scout at 15 years of age and one who served in the United States Air Force through ROTC, Mark has always strived for excellence in all he does.

Mark is honored to be partnered with Allan and is excited to build Structural Enginuity as a family business that will promote a balanced lifestyle. He is proud of what Structural Enginuity has to offer and looks forward to growing and offering many others the opportunity to experience Structural Enginuity as clients and employees.

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