About Us

It is the mission of Structural Enginuity, Inc. (SEI) to enhance enduring partnerships with clients while cultivating improvements for the society of which we depend. SEI aims to provide proactive leadership within the industry, to create and pursue excellence, all with unwavering integrity.

SEI’s success thrives on the relationships it develops and continually grows with each of its clients. Our attention to meeting our client’s needs while providing a personal relationship with our clients is what keeps the relationship strong. SEI thoroughly communicates with each client to ensure that a proactive approach to all tasks is carried out, while engaging the client with all decisions, fee, and schedule throughout the lifespan of the project. SEI is in the structural engineering business to provide intricate solutions to complex problems for effective results. SEI is focused on developing long term partnerships with each of its Clients by ensuring a proactive and responsive service on each project.

SEI provides 40+ combined years of experience between our two Founders that is very broad within the field of structural engineering. SEI uses its expertise from its structural design experience to develop resourceful solutions to its clients engineering needs. SEI has worked on various projects, and it’s broad work experience will enable us to provide effective results with focus on the client’s schedule and funding for the project through intricate solutions to the client’s complex problems. We service a large variety of clients within the building, manufacturing, power generation, water distribution, infrastructure and transportation, and private industries regarding industrial, commercial, and residential type projects. Our clients range from private home owners to large nationwide companies. We are equally attentive to all of our projects, and we find the variety of work to be very fast-pace and fulfilling. SEI has a boundless diversity of challenges from working on so many different types of projects.